Eco Brake-By-Wire Logo Eco Brake-By-Wire an electrorheological fluid brakes, a pure electronically controlled brake system that uses the bytes and amperes instead of bars, linings and compressed brake fluid.
By-Wire means electronic control, the system transfers power electronically instead of mechanical connectors. With further development of electric car technologie, new systems such as Brake-By-Wire willbe introduced into electric cars, changing it beyond recognition.
Car traffic Transportation is moving towards renewable and clean energy, environmentally-friendly EV vehicles have seen rapid development in recent years.

Green technology
Vehicle controls are evolving away from the limitations of traditional mechanical and hydraulic components, the underlying factor is to move towards electronic controls to increase speed of response and reduce weight of the vehicles.
The aim of this invention is to develop automotive brake system, that employs an electrorheological fluids, that has performance advantages over the conventional hydraulic system. The electrorheological fluids technology has the ability to control breaking through electrical means.
Automotive industry is already using smart electrorheological fluids in suspension mechanism, the electronically controlled shock absorbers. In the future all cars will be equipped with the smart fluids brake systems.
Eco car Propose Eco Brake-By-Wire
Modern brake system that will replaces the mechanical connection between the brake pedal and brake actuators on each wheel with electrical components, to control brakes through electrical means. Those new brakes allows the driver to slow or stop the vehicle and prevents a stationary vehicle from moving.
Forging into the future, the electrorheological brakes is an advance over the conventional hydraulic brakes, and more suitable to be used in electric cars. Smart fluids brakes contribute to reduction of vehicle weight that saves energy, also reduces tires wear, air pollution and dust pollution from the brake linings. Vehicle weight is main contributing factor for energy consumption.

Brake-By-Wire future application